Resilient Emergency Relief Centres

The Resilient Emergency Relief Centre project assessed the risks and climate vulnerabilities of selected Emergency Relief Centre buildings (ERCs) across the EAGA region. Twenty-three sites were assessed using a Building Vulnerability Assessment (BVA) framework and each council was provided with individual recommendation reports including specific adaptation measures to improve climate resilience. The project also aimed to build the capacity of council facility managers to address climate change risks in their day to day asset management planning and processes.

RERC Final Report Regional Summary June 2021 (PDF, 507KB) 

Building Vulnerability Assessment Framework – detailed (PDF, 531 KB)

Building Vulnerability Assessment Checklist – lite (PDF, 138KB)

The project was jointly funded through a partnership with the Department of Environment Land Water and Planning (DELWP) and one of the key initiatives delivered under Greeter Melbourne’s Regional Adaptation Strategy (RAS). EAGA’s Executive Officer is one of four Local Government representatives on the stakeholder committee for the RAS.

The project follows from previous work undertaken by EAGA and NAGA through the  Future Assets Forum initiative.

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