EAGA Annual Report 2018-19 released!

EAGA’s Annual Report 2018-19 is now available. Some highlights:

  • For every dollar contributed in membership fees, approximately $2.30 is returned to EAGA councils through project-based savings
  • The joint Energy Performance Contract program is delivering over $200K/yr in savings and 1,500 tonnes of abatement for the first tranche of councils. Projects are now being rolled out across the second tranche of councils, facilitated by EAGA’s Energy Projects Officer
  • EAGA has continued its leadership of Solar Savers, overseeing the program’s continuation beyond the grant funded pilot. The pilot successfully delivered 434 solar systems installations, generating approximately 1.6 MWh of power and saving 1,749 t of CO2-e emissions annually.
  • EAGA has collaborated with the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances to undertake a business case for a sector-wide renewable energy Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) project
  • Five formal advocacy submissions were developed over the course of the year covering key federal and state issues including energy market reform and climate change policy

EAGA Annual Report 2018-19 (PDF, 418KB)

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