Community Net Zero Emissions Analysis

Many EAGA councils have made significant progress in reducing their corporate greenhouse gas emissions from their own buildings and operations. However, the reality is that council corporate emissions only account for approximately 1% of a municipality’s entire emissions.

To focus and prioritise the collaborative work of councils in helping their community reduce emissions, EAGA has undertaken a technical analysis project to quantify the lowest cost emissions reduction opportunities across the region. The report examines the various interventions that councils can undertake to unlock these opportunities, in the areas of planning, waste, transport, households and businesses.

The analysis demonstrates that region can save $3-5B by transitioning to net zero emissions by 2030. The report identifies that councils can unlock up to 15% of this potential through a range of different interventions, but all sectors of the community have a role in decarbonisation.

EAGA Community Net Zero Analysis – Summary (PDF, 301KB)