Our Impact

In 2017, EAGA engaged RobertsBrown to conduct and independent an objective evaluation of EAGA’s impact over its first five years of operation as a formal collaboration.

RobertsBrown found that:

  1. The establishment of EAGA resulted in significant climate change mitigation and adaptation work. Most of the work would not have been undertaken without EAGA. Much of it was beyond the reach of individual councils or would not have been done to the same standards without EAGA.
  2. In the first five years of operations EAGA provided:
    • a significant return on investment (4.93) in the first four years of operation, including direct savings to Council expenditures of $2.35M (ROI 3.38)
    • a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 13,411 tonnes. Both the rate of return on investment and the rate of reduction in carbon emissions are likely to increase as projects come on-line.
  3. EAGA has conducted important capacity-building work and research on how members might reduce vulnerability to the effects of climate change. The impacts of this work are only just beginning to emerge and cannot be quantified in this evaluation.
  4. EAGA’s advocacy work has had a significant impact on decisions by external stakeholders: State and Commonwealth governments and the private sector.

Read the full evaluation report here (PDF, 131KB)