Energy Savers is a regional program assisting businesses undertake targeted energy efficiency upgrades. This involves retrofitting existing appliances and equipment that are subsidised by the State Government under the Victorian Energy Upgrade Program. These include LED lighting, high efficiency air conditioning units, refrigerated display cabinets and other items.

Energy Savers is available across all eight EAGA councils and is being administered by Monash City Council on behalf of the participating councils.

How it works

  • Energy Savers have conducted a competitive process to engage suitably qualified and experienced installers to deliver services to business across the participating council areas. This ‘vetting’ process ensures councils are not exposed to risks from ‘dodgy’ providers, whilst ensuring businesses are getting quality products/service with appropriate warranties etc
  • Each council is provided with a standard set communications resources that can be integrated into existing channels and business engagement initiatives
  • Councils leverage their trusted brand to facilitate recruitment of businesses
  • Businesses are directed to register their interest via a centralised registration page, from which referrals to installers are managed. Businesses receive a free quote with indicative costs, rebates, and expected energy and cost savings.
  • Installers are required to report back to the Energy Savers teams on the status of referrals, and metrics on the number and types of installations have occurred (i.e equipment type, costs, savings) for councils to evaluate and report on the overall efficacy of the program.

Visit the program’s dedicated website here: