EAGA Update – November 2023

Welcome to the November 2023 edition of the EAGA news round-up. Highlights from this edition include our annual report, the launch of a project to develop business cases for neighbourhood batteries, and EAGA’s latest advocacy submissions.

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Annual Report 2022/23

Against the backdrop of developments in climate policy at both federal and state levels, EAGA continues to foster local climate action in Melbourne’s eastern region.

The 2022/23 Annual Report, a comprehensive reflection of the Alliance’s achievements, outlines the progress on addressing the root causes and repercussions of climate change EAGA has made thanks to the commitment of our eight-member councils.

The Year at a Glance

  • ~60,000 Tonnes of Emissions Saved
  • ~1,300kW of Residential Solar Installed: The Annual Report covers the installation of sustainable residential solar solutions, making homes more energy-efficient.
  • Eight Formal Advocacy Submissions
  • $5.3 Million in Savings from EAGA Projects
  • Engagement with Over 1,200 Businesses

EAGA’s Annual Report encapsulates the tangible environmental benefits and fiscal savings delivered by ongoing projects. Moreover, it underscores the Alliance’s dedication to reducing community emissions. The Annual Report reveals the member councils’ shared commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fostering adaptation. Through joint initiatives detailed in the Report, EAGA leverages economies of scale, addressing projects that would typically be beyond the reach of individual councils. Beyond project work, the Annual Report highlights EAGA’s role in advocacy, capacity building, and regional partnerships.

Neighbourhood Batteries Business Cases: GANBIM Initiative

Seven of the eight EAGA member councils are participating in a project to create detailed business cases and project plans for neighbourhood batteries in council-selected locations.

As the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances are project partners, the project has been named the Greenhouse Alliance Neighbourhood Battery Investigation (Metropolitan) or GANBIM. The Yarra Energy Foundation (YEF) has secured funding through round three of the Victorian Government’s Neighbourhood Battery Initiative (NBI) to carry out the project. This funding means there is no financial cost for the councils involved.  

YEF will deliver the respective business case by July 2024, bringing these potential neighbourhood battery projects one step closer to implementation. Furthermore, the second round of the Victorian Government’s 100 Neighbourhood Batteries program could provide an additional avenue for councils to seek future implementation funding, offering up to $300,000 with a minimum 10% co-contribution.

With community engagement one focus of the business cases, the GANBIM initiative will help unlock the potential of local government to support the roll-out of energy storage solutions in collaboration with their communities.

EAGA’s Recent Advocacy Initiatives

In September 2023, EAGA cooperated in two advocacy endeavours, reinforcing our commitment to addressing climate change and strengthening community.

  1. Residential Electrification Inquiry Submission

Working through the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances (VGAs), EAGA submitted a response to the federal Senate Economics References Committee’s inquiry into Residential Electrification. This submission outlined the economic case for residential electrification, emphasizing its emissions reduction potential. It also called for energy efficiency standards in rental properties and appliances, highlighting the role of councils in this effort.

  1. Promoting Inter-Governmental Collaboration

The VGAs corresponded with state ministers, Planning Minister Kilkenny and Climate Action Minister D’Ambrosio, advocating for a strategic partnership between state, local, and federal governments. This collaboration aims to address the challenges posed by climate change by harnessing the combined strengths and resources of all government levels. As the impacts and opportunities of climate change become more apparent, the alliances stress the imperative of unified efforts to accelerate the transition to net-zero emissions and bolster community resilience. These advocacy initiatives underscore EAGA’s dedication to a sustainable future.

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