Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap

EAGA has recently developed a Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap for decision makers in Melbourne’s east. The project aims to raise awareness, build capacity and identify regional opportunities for addressing climate risks to Council assets, operations and service delivery responsibilities. The project receives funding from the Victorian State Government.

Download a copy of the full Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap report (25 pages) or the summary report (6 pages) from the links below:

EAGA Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (Summary Report) (PDF, 533 KB)

EAGA Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap (Full Report) (PDF, 2 MB)

EAGA Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap Appendicies (PDF, 404 KB)

EAGA Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap monitoring and evaluation framework here (PDF, 696 KB)

The project involved the delivery of a regional risk assessment that identified 70 priority risks to local government arising from climate change. These risks are diverse and affect every aspect of Council. For more detailed information on risks to each service area, click on one of the links below:

EAGA regional climate change risk assessment (PDF, 1 MB)

Case study of the impacts of the 2009 heatwave event on EAGA councils (PDF, 339 KB)

To find out more, please contact our Executive Officer here.