Electric Vehicle Fleet Transition

To date, EAGA councils have made significant progress in reducing corporate emissions, particularly in buildings and facilities, however substantive reductions in fleet and plant emissions remain particularly challenging. Currently only a relatively small number of passenger vehicles, trucks and plant have transitioned to all electric.

This project seeks to address this by undertaking a holistic assessment the financial, social and environmental costs and benefits for fast-tracking the electrification of existing fleet and plant. This includes a review of the necessary charging infrastructure requirements to support the transition in each of the six participating councils.

EAGA engaged the Institute for Sensible Transport (IST) to undertake the review and analysis. Each council has been provided with individual transition plans with an accompany excel business case tool for ongoing in fleet management planning.

EAGA EV Transition & Business Case Project Summary (PDF, 511KB)

EAGA EV Transition Regional Report (PDF, 14822KB) 

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