Scoping study – costs & benefits of adapting community infrastructure

Climate change is already impacting the way councils manage their assets and infrastructure. Local Government plays a key role in facilitating community adaptation however, the lack of evidence to support council decision making is already presenting a challenge for the sector.

This project seeks to address this barrier by developing a clearer understanding of the costs and benefits of different adaptation options for community assets and infrastructure owned and managed by councils across Greater Melbourne. The outputs will include a cost-benefit analysis framework for each major asset class and a robust methodology for assessing and prioritising adaptation options in subsequent project phases.

The study is funded under the Regional Adaptation Strategy (RAS) for Greater Melbourne is being delivered through a partnership between four Greenhouse Alliances and DELWP. The approach and methodology builds on previous cost-benefit work delivered under the RAS, including EAGA’s Exploratory Study and SECCCA’s Asset Vulnerability Assessment.