Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO)

The Victorian Energy Collaboration (VECO) is the largest ever emissions reduction project undertaken by local government in Australia.

The landmark initiative has enabled 46 Victorian councils to switch to 100% renewable energy from mid 2021. The ‘buyers group’ aggregates approximately half of the entire sector’s electricity load – equivalent to powering 48,00 homes with renewable energy or taking 90,0000 cars off the road each year.

Six EAGA members are participating in the project to secure renewable energy to power municipal offices, leisure centres, streetlights and community buildings. Councils participating in this project recognise the benefits of renewable energy for local economies and job creation, environmental purposes, and reducing costs.

The project was initiated and facilitated by the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances and is now being administered via Darebin City Council who lead group procurement activities for the landmark Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

The initiative is a culmination of a number of initiatives and capacity building programs delivered by the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances since 2015, including the establishment of a cross Alliance Electricity Contract working Group in 2017. Read more about this work program here.