Residential Street Light Bulk Change

EAGA is currently working on a range of options and approaches to replace the region’s existing street lights to new energy efficient alternatives. The ‘joint business case for energy efficiency’ is one way for Councils to combine their purchasing power, create better economies of scale and ultimately replace more street lights in a cost efficient manner.

Maroondah City Council and Yarra Ranges Council have recently begun working together on a joint street light change over initiative expected to generate significant financial savings. The Councils anticipate the cost efficiencies will be delivered through a shared procurement process, with a focus on a joint installation tender. This model is transferable to other municipalities, however a common distribution network and shared time frames are necessary preconditions for success.

This approach still allows sufficient flexibility for Councils to retain control over the timing of their contracted work, as well as allowing for separate payment schedules. By working collaboratively in this manner, EAGA’s Councils are capturing larger ongoing financial savings and generating greater emission reductions across the region.