Future Assets Forum

From October to November 2015, EAGA delivered a customised training program for council asset and facility managers to embed building vulnerability assessment approaches within ongoing asset management practices and capital works programs. The initiative supports the first priority of EAGA’s Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap – to conduct a regional building vulnerability assessment.

The capacity building program was developed and delivered in collaboration with NAGA and Arup and featured presentations from the Essential Services Commission on the rate capping and variation framework and the requirement for evidence based approaches in proposed variations. This was accompanied by detailed a case study presentation from the City of Whitehorse where the building vulnerability assessment methodology has been in use since 2012.

In addition to the workshops, a number of resources were developed for practitioners across the sector, including all assessment sheets, training guide and outcomes from attendee pilot trials. All program materials are available below.

Building Vulnerability Assessment sheets final (PDF, 531 KB)
Future Assets Forum training guide (PDF, 3 MB)
Future Assets Forum Workshop 1 Slides (PDF, 2 MB)
Future Assets Forum Workshop 2 Slides & Report (PDF, 1007 KB)
Future Assets Forum ESC Rate Capping Variations (PDF, 570 KB)
BVA Detailed Case-Study Whitehorse City Council (PDF, 2 MB)
BVA Pilot – Hume (PDF, 161 KB)
BVA Pilot – Whittlesea (PDF, 162 KB)
BVA Pilot – Maroondah (PDF, 684 KB)