Electricity Procurement

Discussion paper (May 2017)

This discussion paper has been collaboratively developed by the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances to inform future approaches to electricity procurement in their member councils. It provides a summary of new and emerging opportunities for Victorian councils to collectively procure best value electricity whilst meeting multiple policy commitments and objectives, particularly with respect to emissions reduction.

Download the discussion paper (PDF, 762 KB)

Electricity contracts information forum (September 2017)

With support from Sustainability Victoria, the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances teamed-up to provide councils with independent information to critically assess future options for electricity contracts. The event also presented findings from the Large Scale Solar Feasibility Study – an initiative jointly funded by the Greenhouse Alliances. Access the key event documents and presentations below:

Current procurement options and determining preferences (PDF, 1262 KB)
Large Scale Solar Feasibility Study – FG Advisory (PDF, 2111 KB)
Who’s with who contract matrix (XLS, 62 KB)
FAQs event attendees (XLS, 27 KB)

Webinar (October 2017)

As a follow-up to the cross Alliance forum on council electricity contracts, EAGA partnered with Sustainability Victoria to deliver a one-hour webinar for councils unable to attend the forum in person. A live recording of the webinar is available below.

Survey of Victorian councils (Jan 2018)

Between October – December 2017, EAGA partnered with the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances to conduct a sector wide survey of Victorian councils. The intent of the survey was to:

    • quantify electricity consumption by contract type across all Victorian councils
    • determine the extent to which Victorian councils have installed solar PV on their own facilities to inform future bulk buy initiatives
    • collect information on the preferences of councils for developing new retail electricity procurement, investment and contracting models

Download the summary report (PDF, 990 KB)