Electricity contracts in Local Government – info forum (September 2017)

With support from Sustainability Victoria, the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances teamed-up to provide councils with independent information to critically assess future options for electricity contracts. The event also presented findings from the Large Scale Solar Feasibility Study – an initiative jointly funded by the Greenhouse Alliances. Access the key event documents and presentations below:

Current procurement options and determining preferences (PDF, 2 MB)
Large Scale Solar Feasibility Study – FG Advisory (PDF, 2 MB)
Who’s with who contract matrix (XLS, 111 KB)
FAQs event attendees (XLS, 26 KB)

Solar Rates Information Forum (December 2015)

Council officers from across the State visited Sustainability Victoria to discuss the development of an innovative statewide solar financing project. The session presented findings from EAGA’s recent business case study for a solar rates program (supported by local government) that assists vulnerable and low-income households in Victoria to access solar PV and energy efficiency measures. Access the background documentation and presentation below:

EAGA Solar Rates Information Forum Briefing Dec 2015 (PDF, 4 MB)
MEFL Presentation EAGA Solar Rates Forum Dec 2015 (PDF, 913 KB)

Sunulator Training (October 2015)

EAGA partnered with the Alternative Technology Association to deliver a customised training program aiming to assist council officers to undertake detailed financial analysis of solar PV projects on council facilities using the Sunulator tool. Access the training guide below:

Sunulator Training Notes EAGA (PDF, 909 KB)

Biodiversity Monitoring in Melbourne’s East Launch (August 2015)

Biodiversity Monitoring in Melbourne’s East was officially launched at the City of Boroondara on Wednesday 12 August. The launch brought together members of the Eastern and Western Biodiversity Planners Network and included a presentation by project team members Dr Caragh Threlfall and Dr Rod Van Der Ree from the Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology (ARCUE). Download the presentation from the link below:

Biodiversity Monitoring Launch Event August 2015 (PDF, 2 MB)

Energy & Climate Change Conference II (March 2015)

EAGA’s second conference provided a unique forum for sustainability officers from all Councils to share experiences and lessons from current and past local government sustainability projects. Download the event program and presentations from the links below:

Energy & Climate Change Conference II Program Final (PDF, 269 KB)
Energy & Climate Change Conference II Panel Contacts (PDF, 159 KB)
City of Melb Utility Scale Renewable Energy Adam Zaborszczyk (PDF, 2 MB)
DNSP Engagement Program Scott McKenry (PDF, 3 MB)
Doncaster Hill District Energy Andrew Allan (PDF, 1 MB)

Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap Launch (March 2015)

Celebrating the completion of the year long project and the production of a tangible action focused roadmap of adaptation initiatives for the region’s councils to collectively pursue.  Download the presentation from EAGA’s Adaption Officer, Robert Law, from the link below:

Adaptation Roadmap Launch 2015 03 25 (PDF, 6 MB)

United Energy Strategic Planning Workshop (Jan 2015)

A unique cross-sector event aiming to build knowledge and capacity within the Local Government sector to integrate district energy projects into future developments and policy. Access the presentations from joint initiative between EAGA, SECCCA and United Energy from the links below:

Program UE Local Gov Planning Workshop Jan 2015 (PDF, 110 KB)
Introduction and activity 2015 01 28 (PDF, 410 KB)
Summary of UE Network Rodney Bray 2015 01 28 (PDF, 2 MB)
Case Study Doncaster Hill Faye Adams 2015 01 28 (PDF, 1 MB)

Data collected through the workshop has informed the development of the first interactive mapping resource tailored for the local government and energy distribution sectors. For the first time, stakeholders will be able to overlay the distribution network area over municipal boundaries and examine the precise location of major and minor networks constraints. This will enable both sectors to collaboratively identify and develop sustainable energy solutions and facilitate better energy planning for new developments.

The map files are available from the links below in Google Earth (.kml), MapInfo (.tab) and QGIS shape (.shp) formats to ensure compatibility with the variety of mapping applications in use across both sectors.

The workshop outputs have been collated into an accompanying report containing snap shots of each municipality within the United Energy region, together with succinct (non-exhaustive) list of non-network solutions and/or cross sector planning opportunities requiring further investigation or development.

UE Local Gov Planning Workshop Outputs March 2015 (PDF, 2 MB)
UE Council map google earth kml (ZIP, 1 MB)
UE Council map QGIS shape (ZIP, 1 MB)
UE Council map MapInfo tab (ZIP, 920 KB)

Economic Development & Sustainability Forum (Sept 2014)

An initiative of EAGA, WAGA and Arup to bring local government critical information on emerging and current solutions to engage businesses in improving energy efficiency. Access the presentations from the link s below:

Positive Energy Places Case Study (PDF, 1 MB)
EUA Finance for the Regions (PDF, 596 KB)
SMF Building Better Finance EUA (PDF, 2 MB)
CitySwitch Green Office program (PDF, 311 KB)
SV Smarter Resources Smarter Business (PDF, 395 KB)
Arup How to spot potential projects (PDF, 313 KB)

How will Climate Change impact Melbourne’s East (Aug 2014)

A community event delivered in partnership with the University of Melbourne featuring a key note presentation from renowned climate scientist Professor David Karoly. The session explored how the climate is changing across Melbourne’s east and presented a number of key regional responses initiatives. Download the workshop presentations from the links below:

David Karoly climate change science (PDF, 2 MB)
EAGA Mitigation and Adaptation (PDF, 814 KB)

Climate Science Road Show (Jul-Aug 2014)

In July – August 2014, a comprehensive series of climate science presentations was delivered to over 350 Council staff across the Councils of EAGA.  The events were designed to provide Councils with an update on the latest climate science to ensure staff can make informed decisions in relation to climate change adaptation.  The series was delivered as part of the Climate Change Adaptation Roadmap project, in partnership with CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology and Climate Council. Download the workshop presentations from the links below:

Bureau of Meteorology – State of the Climate 2014 (PDF, 6 MB)
Climate Council – Tim Flannery Aug 2014 (PDF, 4 MB)
CSIRO Climate Science – Simon Torok July 2014 (PDF, 2 MB)

Electricity Distribution Price Review Workshop (June 2014)

Delivered in partnership with NAGA, CVGA and GBGA and Ironbark Sustainability, the workshop assisted Local Government staff from across the State to define the scope of issues to be included in a sector wide response to the Price Review and establish an ongoing engagement strategy for working with distribution business. Download the workshop presentations from the links below:

EDPR Workshop June 2014 (PDF, 972 KB)
EDPR WS United Energy & Manningham June 2014 (PDF, 470 KB)

Energy & Climate Change Mini-Conference (March 2014)

This event was designed to engage and share experiences and lessons from current and past local government sustainability projects among sustainability project officers from all Councils. The event featured facilitated discussions and Q&A around the topic areas of energy efficiency, distributed energy, behaviour change and adaptation. Download the program, workshops outputs and presentations from the links below:

ECCMC Event Program (PDF, 391 KB)
ECCMC Workshop outputs (PDF, 306 KB)
ECCMC Overheads (PDF, 126 KB)
EUA Finance for the Regions (PDF, 705 KB)
ECCMC Evaluation (JPG, 115 KB)

Energy Efficiency Finance Breakfast (February 2014)

Delivered in partnership with the Energy Efficiency Council (EEC), the event engaged Councillors, CFOs, Directors and Managers around new and emerging finance options and budget impacts of energy efficiency upgrades to Council facilities.  Download the presentations and case studies from the links below:

Greener Government Buildings – Sam Burke, Victorian Dept of Treasury and Finance (PDF, 1 MB)
Clean Energy Finance Finance for the LGA Sector – Mel Cutler, CEFC (PDF, 980 KB)
Adaptive Assets EPC – Craig Kenny, Director Community Programs, City of Yarra (PDF, 282 KB)
Revolving Energy Fund – Mark Dupe, Director Corporate Development, Knox City Council (PDF, 516 KB)
EUA Finance for the Regions – Scott McKenry, Regional Coordinator, EAGA (PDF, 705 KB)