Bushland and Urban Biodiversity Management in a Changing Climate

The Sustainability Accord funded project investigated the current understanding of the potential impacts of climate change on the ability of local governments to manage their biodiversity and bushland assets. It also identified the challenges Councils already face in this issue to determine what opportunities are available, where the knowledge gaps are and ultimately what further steps need to be taken to enable councils to successfully adapt management strategies to a changing climate.  To undertake the project EAGA partnered with:

  • CSIRO to determine the most likely changes to the climate across the EAGA region in coming decades
  • Australian Research Centre for Urban Ecology to describe the implication of these changes for the management of biodiversity.

Project Summary (.pdf 1,590KB) updated May 2013

Final Report (.pdf 900KB) updated May 2013

Appendix 1: Lierature Review (.pdf 644KB)

Appendix 2a: Climate Change Projections Paper (.pdf 1,263KB) updated May 2013

Appendix 2b: CSIRO Climate Futures for Eastern Melbourne (.pdf 308KB) updated May 2013

Appendix 3: Issues Paper (.pdf 607KB)

Appendix 4: Case Study (.pdf 1,103KB) updated May 2013

A second phase of the project was delivered in 2014-15 to develop and trial a framework for monitoring indicators of biodiversity health. Read more here.